EurOcean Professor Mário Ruivo Prize – Dissemination Request

10.11.2011-premiuEurOcean – European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology has launched, on the 19th of August, the Movie Prize “Professor Mário Ruivo”.

The Movie Prize will be conferred to a student or a team of students (with an age range from 12 to 18 years old – Junior category or, with an age range from 18 to 21 years old – Senior category) to award an original Movie related to the marine environment. This Prize intents to raise public awareness to the importance of the Ocean and the Ocean related services to the Humankind.

The Prize will recognize the merit and the quality of the Participants when producing the Movie as well as the potential impact of the Movie. A total sum of 5.000 EUR will be divided between the Participants categories: 2.000EUR will be awarded to the winners of the junior category; 3.000 EUR will be awarded to the winners of the senior category.

EurOcean will also support the travels and accommodation expenses to the awardee or awardees (Junior category: 2 persons, max. 3 if team application including Adult Advisor; Senior category: 1 person, max. 2 if team application) to receive the Prize in Lisbon.

We kindly request you to disseminate this activity in your website, throughout your contact network and other personal contacts that may be interested in these activities.

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